Stainless Steel Lightning Arrester

Lightning is natural phenomenon and it can damage industrial premises and infrastructures

And can cause fatal accident for human beings working in the premises. E-Link Lightning Arrestors are Heavy Duty made from Low Carbon Steel, and subjected to copper bonding. Copper Bonding is carried out by process of high quality molecularly bonding pure electrolytic copper(99.9%) on the surface of the arrestor. Copper coating is 250 micron thick, which makes Lightning Arrestor unique in current handling during lightning strike. Four ancillary spikes and one main spike are provided for effectively taping of lightning current to earth. It protects building against lightning damages.


Size Standard Size
Type Lightning Arrestor
Material Stainless Steel, Metal
Certification CPRI Certified, ERDA Certified
Application Buildings, Electrical Use, Factories, Solar
Features Bonded Steel Construction, Superior Finish
Name Staineless Steel Lightning Arrestor
Colour Silver

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Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)

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