Copper Earthing System

1.       Dual Electrode Technology Based Earthing Electrode:

E-Link offers unique Dual Electrode Technology Based Advanced Earthing Electrodes. It mainly consists of Primary electrode which is directly connected to electrical equipment and the Secondary Electrode, also known as outer Electrode which is in direct contact with Earth. We use B Class Low carbon steel pipe as outer electrode & low carbon steel strip as inner or primary electrode. Both the electrodes are subjected to hot dip galvanization or copper electroplating. Special highly conductive material (SHCM), which is non corrosive, is pressure filled between the outer and Inner electrode. SHCM safeguards the Electrode from getting corroded over a long period of time inside the soil. Thus even if the Outer Electrodes get corroded after some years, Inner Electrode remains intact which increases the reliability and life of Earthing System in years.

1.       Copper bonded Rod:

E-Link Copper Bonded rod type earthing electrode is constructed using steel core with low carbon content. The steel rods are subjected to copper bonding of 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. The manufacturing process adheres to the requirement of national as well as international standards. The perfectly bonded rod lasts longer and provides lowest resistance to the ground.

We also provided stainless steel, hot dip galvanised rods and pure copper rods as per requirement of the client or the projects.


Type Copper Earthing System
Material Copper
Shape Round
Thickness 1-100mm
Certification ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Length 1m, 2m, 3m
Application Construction, Industry
Color Golden, Rose Gold
Features Corrosion Proof, Excellent Quality, Fine Finishing, High Quality, High Strength, Perfect Shape
Dimensions 1-500mm
Product Name Copper Earthing System
Dimension 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 48mm, 60mm, 77mm, 88mm

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