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E-Link Advance Earthing System consist two components. First component is Advanced Earthing Electrode and Second Component is Earth Conductivity Improvement Material. The E-Link Dual Electrode Earthing technology has been developed out of years of experience and consistent research.

E — Link Advanced Earthing System contains two components:

  1. E Link Advanced Earth Electrode
  2. Earth Conductivity Improvement Material

1. E-Link Advanced Earth Electrode

  • Dual Electrode Technology
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    Dual Electrode Technology consist one Primary Earthing Electrode known as Inner Electrode and other Secondary Earthing Electrode known as Outer Electrode. Hot Dip Galvanized Iron Steel Pipe or Copper Bonded Mild steel Pipe is used as Outer Electrode and Hot Dip Galvanized Iron Steel Strip  or Copper Bonded Mild Steel Strip is used as Inner Electrode. Inner Electrode is inserted inside the Outer electrode to the full length from top to bottom.

    Special highly conductive and non corrosive material is pressurized filled between the Outer and Inner Electrode which safeguard the Electrode getting corrode over a long period of time under the soil. Thus even if the Outer Electrode get corrodes after several years, Inner Electrode remains intact which increases the life and reliability of Earthing System. The Outer Pipe used is of B Class ISI marked standard quality GI Pipe which increase the life of Earthing System.

    Copper Bonded Earth Electrode are made by carrying out process of  high quality molecularly bonding pure electrolytic copper (99.9%) bonding on B class ISI marked low carbon mild steel pipe.

  • Copper Bonded Rod Electrode

    Copy (5) of untitled1E – Link manufacture copper bonded/coated solid ground rods in different sizes. These earth / ground rods are made from low carbon steel core having high tensile strength. High quality 99.98 % pure electrolytic copper is molecularly bonded through latest generation electrolytic process. The standard copper coating thickness of  250 micron makes rod suitable for better conductivity and better resistance to corrosion. E- Link copper bonded rod are available in the range from 14mm to 38mm diameter in 3 mtr sizes. These rods are available in 1 mtr, 2 mtr, 3 mtr standard length. 

2. Earth Conductivity Improvement Material

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In Earthing , as per IS 3043 it is required to carry out the artificial treatment of earth for which various types Back Filling Material are used. E – Link Enterprise has developed special Earth Conductivity Improvement Material ( ECIM ) which is used as Back Fill Material around the Earth Electrode. ECIM enhances the soil conductivity in excellent way. It swells considerably when mixed with water and retain water for long time. This improves bonding between soil and Earth Electrode which is crucial part in earthing. It maintains moisture surrounding to the Earth Electrode. There is no need to recharge the earth pit in normal type of soil. Unlike salt, ECIM is insoluble in water and hence does not wash out during rain. It does not promote corrosion. ECIM is soil friendly and environment friendly material.


  • Practically maintenance free technology.
  • Longer and reliable service life than conventional earthing systems
  • Easy to install
  • Highly reliable for safety of human life
  • Conforms to IS : 3043 Code of Practice for Earthing.
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Instant dissipation of the fault, lightning and short circuit current
  • Capacity to take fault current repeatedly
  • Maintain the low resistance value over a very long period having the minimum fluctuation.
  • Corrosion resistive system
  • Ideal earthing system for all kind of electrical application, sensitive electronic equipment link Computers, CNC machines, ATMs, Medical Instrument etc


Why We Are Best

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Installation Method


  • For normal soil, make an 8 inch or 10 inch dia bore to a suitable depth in the soil to match the electrode length.
  • Mix the ECIM with soft soil and throw a handful of the mix in to the pit.
  • After removing the plastic sleeve, place the electrode in the pit. Thereafter throw two or three kg. of the ECIM soil mixture in the pit around the electrode and add a bucket of water.
  • Poke the pit with a long rod around the electrode for a few minutes. Continue in this manner the earth filling process till the entire electrode is buried in the soil.
  • Ensure that the consistency of the ECIM is pasty and not watery. Pour a few bucket of water around the pit.
    • Check the pit after 48 hours. This system is capable of giving lower earth resistance value under normal soil conditions. However it all depends on the resistivity of soil where electrode is installed.